Literacy changes lives.

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Literacy needs are greater than you think.

In Ireland, one in six adults has unmet literacy needs and may be unable to fill in a form, understand health information, help kids with homework or use the internet.


Literacy affects everyone, everywhere.

Literacy allows us to understand, use, and act on information. It allows us to stand up for ourselves on issues that affect our lives.


Literacy is more than reading and writing.

Literacy touches virtually every aspect of our lives - at home, at work and in the community. It has a great influence on our well-being.

Literacy is a human right

Literacy allows us to fully engage in society and be active citizens. It provides us with opportunities and is essential to developing an equal society.

See how literacy changes lives

Now I have no fear filling in out forms, I can even tax the van on the phone...

It's given me confidence reading and writing...

It's given me the courage to open my business...

Learning English opened up a door for a new life...

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Literacy for all

Many of us will struggle with literacy related issues at different times in our lives.

We want to ensure that everyone has the literacy to meet their needs, and that literacy is valued and supported at every level of society.