Adult Literacy for Life in Donegal

Adult Literacy for Life is a whole-of-society strategy. It aims to ensure that everyone has the literacy, numeracy and digital literacy to participate in society and succeed in life. Read the Adult Literacy for Life strategy.

Hello, my name is Adele McElhinney

I am the Regional Literacy Coordinator with Donegal Education and Training Board. I am passionate about reducing the number of adults across Donegal with unmet literacy needs. Through the action plan outlined by Donegal's Regional Adult Literacy Coalition, I believe we can all work together to make this happen. We are breaking down barriers and helping adults to build their literacy skills so they can become socially independent and active. Everyone can help. Why not play your part and contact me about Literacy Awareness Training or volunteering to help someone. 

Meet your Donegal Literacy Coalition

In Donegal, we set up a Regional Adult Literacy Coalition to implement the Adult Literacy for Life strategy. It has representatives from lots of organisations that want to work together to improve services and supports for adults with unmet literacy, numeracy and digital literacy needs. The Coalition has written a Literacy Action Plan for Donegal to help them do this. The Coalition includes representatives from Donegal ETB, Donegal Co. Library, Donegal's Family Resource Centre network, Citizens Information Services, Home School Community Liaison Coordinators, Donegal Intercultural Platform, Donegal Co. Childcare Committee, Donegal Travellers Project, Health Service Executive (HSE) Health and Wellbeing North West, North West Regional Skills, Muintearas Thír Conaill, Donegal Local Development Company, Inishowen Development Partnership and the Department of Social Protection.

Donegal Literacy Coalition Member Organisations
Home School Community Liaison (HSCL ) Finn Valley CollegeFamily Resource Centre Network
Donegal County LibraryCitizen Information Service
Department of Social ProtectionDonegal County Childcare Committee
Donegal Intercultural PlatformMuintearas Thír Conaill
Health Service Executive (HSE)Inishowen Development Partnership
Donegal Local Development Company

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