Adult Literacy for Life in Offaly

Adult Literacy for Life is a whole-of-society strategy that aims to ensure that everyone has the literacy, numeracy and digital literacy to participate in society and succeed in life. Read the Adult Literacy for Life strategy.

Hello, my name is Caroline Murphy

I am the Regional Literacy Coordinator for Donegal. I am passionate about literacy, numeracy and digital literacy. In Donegal, one in six adults has unmet literacy needs. This means they may be unable to fill in a form, read instructions, add up a bill or search online for information. Unmet literacy needs can exclude people from carrying out a range of everyday activities and prevent them from participating fully in society. With your help we can change this.

Meet your Offaly Literacy Coalition

In Offaly, we set up a Regional Adult Literacy Coalition to implement the Adult Literacy for Life strategy. It has representatives from lots of organisations that want to work together to improve services and supports for adults with unmet literacy, numeracy and digital literacy needs. The Coalition has written a Literacy Action Plan for Donegal to help them do this.

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