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A 'Literacy Friendly' sector

Raising awareness about literacy needs in voluntary and community sectors.

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“I found my mind was opened to the concept of Plain English and the need for it. As an administrator, I spend most of my job writing in a language that funders and government agencies understand. It is a whole new concept writing in Plain English.” Quote from participant

This project aimed to raise awareness about literacy, numeracy, and digital literacy needs in the voluntary and community sectors. It promoted literacy friendly approaches, like Plain English, and highlighted various literacy supports. The project team also looked into the literacy needs of community and voluntary workers.

This project raised awareness about the ALL Strategy through a webinar in June 2023. The webinar introduced Regional Literacy Coordinators (RLCs) to employees and volunteers from Irish organisations.

47 learners attended four Plain English webinars that took place between September and October 2023. 36 people attended three in-person workshops in Dublin, Cork, and Athlone in November 2023.

The Literacy Awareness webinar explored how Irish community and voluntary sectors can contribute to the Adult Literacy for Life strategy. Plain English training sessions showed learners how to present information clearly in their documents and correspondence.

In-person workshops allowed participants to discuss and share literacy friendly methods among themselves. Many learners are keen to promote literacy awareness in their own organisations as a result.  

"The Literacy-Friendly Workshop which I attended in November was very well run, lots of variety and I learned new things about literacy and how best to practise plain English in my communications. I think it's a must-do for anyone who is dealing with diverse audiences on an on-going basis. Well done to all those involved in putting the session together” Participant

This project was the result of a collaboration project between Rotha-The Wheel, NALA (National Adult Literacy Agency), and City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB).

For more information, please contact Andrew Connolly, City of Dublin Regional Literacy Coordinator at  

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