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Comic Making Classes

Comic-making classes to help adults improve their literacy skills.

Comic drawing

"The learners are so proud of their engagement in this project. It was a very positive experience, and we always welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other Community Groups. Thank you so much to everyone involved for their efforts.” Quote from facilitator

This project used comic-making classes to help adults develop their reading and writing skills. Classes took place in the Cork Community Art Link’s workshop in Cork City in November 2023.  

15 participants attended storytelling, drawing, digital drawing, and writing classes. Tutors helped learners develop a visual vocabulary and taught them how to publish a physical and digital comic book. Workshops explored the physical aspects of language and used verbal and hand-crafting methods as an entry point to literacy.

These workshops gave learners a great opportunity to build their literacy skills. Participants found the collaborative activities very enjoyable. They feel part of a community now and are keen to take part in more projects.            

"I was really happy with how the workshops went. They turned out to be a great group to work with, and all of them were really invested.” Quote from facilitator

For more information contact Sinead Maloney, Cork Regional Literacy Coordinator at

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