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Digital Literacy for Disadvantaged Learners

Providing digital literacy training to marginalized groups in Cork city.

Course Participants

"Craig was a fantastic tutor, had great amount of patience as I came into this course knowing very little. He had no problem explaining something over and over till we understood. The class was also fun and I made friends. Craig kept asking us was there anything else we wanted to go over but in the end there was probably too much to ask since I’m so far behind, but I have learnt loads and very grateful for being on this course. It would be great to move on to the next stage and maybe get a Certificate, that we could at future job interviews. Thank you Craig and Karen!" Quote from participant

This project provided digital literacy training to disadvantaged groups with the aim of improving their life skills, education, employment prospects, self-confidence, and self-awareness. It also aimed to help people take the next steps regarding re-training or upskilling, and to help participants return to work or education. Two classes were held in Churchfield and NCE Farranferris every week between the 4th September and the 15th December 2023. In total, 30 people attended 60 classes that took place between Churchfield and Farranferris. 

Coordinators went out of their way to create a warm, friendly, and enjoyable space that allowed people to meet others, make new friends, boost their confidence, and learn basic computer skills. The mood was very positive and participants spoke freely about their concerns with technology. An experienced IT instructor who worked with disadvantaged groups in the past developed a programme that meet the needs of each participant. One learner has since found employment thanks to this course.   

Course participants.

“Craig is a fantastic tutor, very knowledge, patient and kind.” Quote from participant

This project was the result of a collaboration between Northside Community Enterprises, Churchfield Community Trust, and CETB.

For more information, please contact Sinead Maloney, Cork Regional Literacy Coordinator at  

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