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Helping adults from marginalized backgrounds to re-imagine their future.

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"I went in broken, and I came out better; it has opened my eyes, I was never into courses and now I want to do more courses. It’s made me more confident; I want to return to work. I feel more prepared for interviews. I am much more confident to speak in public." Quote from participant

This project was a pilot 12-week Life Skills & Futures Literacy programme that helped a group of adults from marginalized backgrounds to re-imagine their future. This transformative programme enabled them to explore their needs, interests, and goals while reflecting and questioning the reality of their daily lives.   

12 learners enrolled on the programme, with 9 female learners completing the 12-week course from September to December 2023, which took place in An Cosán, Kiltalown Village Centre, Jobstown, Tallaght.  

Using Design Thinking, UDL, and blended learning delivery, this project focused on active and expressive learning, doing, and research using the B.I.G. three-pronged approach:  

  • Building: Confidence, Capacity and Social Networks 

  • Inspiring: Curiosity, Growth Mindset & Future thinking 

  • Growing: Transversal Skills Development & Choosing your Path. 

Learners were also provided with training in assistive technologies, financial literacy, and a Skills to Succeed plan to support their journey. 

Learners had an immensely enjoyable experience. All participants reported a heightened awareness of their strengths, were inspired to identify skills gaps and use their transferable skills, understood that digital literacy was the biggest barrier to education and work, and learnt to listen to their intuition.


"I am doing a return to learning course; I would have been too nervous to do anything related to computers. Because we discussed comfort zones, I was able to go on to this next course. Even if I’m not confident about it I know I can do it." Quote from participant

This project was the result of a collaboration between An Cosán, Tallaght Intreo Centre, and DDLETB.

For more information, please contact Fiona Kavanagh, Dublin & Dun Laoghaire Regional Literacy Coordinator, at 

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