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Family Literacy Project

A family learning programme in Tipperary for the Traveller community.

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"She was very happy with her involvement and the way in which the Project is currently being run. She hopes to continue her involvement into the future." Quote from Traveller Representative

This project developed a Family Learning Programme in Tipperary Town to support Traveller parents, grandparents, and caregivers. It significantly improved their literacy skills and confidence in family life and learning.

The project took place in Tipperary Town, with sessions running on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3pm to 5pm, starting from August 2023. 41 adults and 20 children aged five to 12 attended the sessions. 

This project helped Traveller families with homework and provided access to literacy resources. Project partners included community workers, schools, libraries, and local resource centres. Each partner contributed to different aspects of the project, from organising sessions to providing resources and support.  

The project addressed several objectives of the ALL Strategy. It supported children and young people, encouraged collaboration, and provided innovative approaches to literacy support for the Traveller community.  

"We are very happy to offer support as the programme develops further through mentoring and peer support. We are delighted to see the scaling and expansion take root in another town in Tipperary as this was a clear target for us." Quote from facilitator

This project was the result of a collaboration between Knockanrawley Resource Centre, South Tipperary Development Company, and Tipperary Education and Training Board (TETB). 

For more information, please contact Ester Mackey, Regional Literacy Coordinator at TETB, at 

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