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Film for All

Film screenings to support English language skills.

Group Shot

"I really enjoyed attending the ALL film screenings. It has helped with my reading and listening skills and I was able to meet new people from different cultural backgrounds." Quote from participant

This project organised free film screenings in English with English subtitles for adult migrants, International Protected applicants (IPAs) and learners with intellectual disabilities. 270 people attended eight screenings in St. John’s Centre, Listowel between September and December 2023. 

Each film exposed audiences to English language phrases and expressions. Watching films in English with English subtitles allowed learners to improve their speaking, listening, reading, comprehension, and pronunciation skills.

Screenings helped adults build new connections in their communities. Participants socialised with people with similar needs and experiences. This project proved that watching films can be very beneficial when learning English.

Picture of participants in the Film for All project.

"The film screenings that were organised for the Ukrainian community and were open to everyone are a very good idea. It helps Ukrainians to learn English through listening and reading." Quote from facilitator

This project is the result of a collaboration between North East West Kerry Development (NEWKD) and KETB.  

For more information, please contact Paula Tiller, Kerry Regional Literacy Coordinator, at

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