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Growing Together

Building literacy skills through mindfulness and design courses.

Mindfulness cards created as part of the project

"I never thought I could draw or say something that could be used to help others”- Participant

This project aimed to bring Traveller men and women together to help improve their literacy skills and nurture their creative abilities through various activities. Courses sought to build on the strengths of traditional Traveller culture by developing a “learning by doing” approach. This included physical movement and mindfulness sessions, which provided a space for participants to enjoy meditation and to design and produce mindfulness vision cards that incorporate Traveller culture.  

The project took place in Skibbereen, Bandon, Bantry, and Clonakilty for 12 weeks between September and December 2023. Overall, 29 learners attended weekly meetings that covered a wide variety of topics. Group discussions explored mental health, well-being, and difficult issues like suicide and self-harm. Guided meditation also allowed participants to explore their feelings and practice self-compassion. Furthermore, participants made mindfulness cards with original artwork and phrases coined by themselves with the intention of leaving something behind for others to benefit from. 

Mindfulness vision cards were created as part of the project that incorporates Traveller Culture.

"I loved drawing a card to help my younger brother to know it is okay not to be okay.”- Participant

This project was the result of a collaboration between West Cork Traveler's and CETB. 

For more information, please contact Sinead Maloney, Cork Regional Literacy Coordinator at

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