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Learning Together

Working with parents to address unmet literacy needs.

Learner receiving their certificate.

"The teacher taught us many new things. Very good class.”- Participant

This project aimed to work with parents to deliver a community response to unmet literacy needs and facilitate access to technology and devices among specific target groups. Classes took place in the Ballyhaunis Family Resource Centre between 11 September and 14 December 2023.  

Sixty parents coming from various Arabic, Urdu, and Slavic-speaking communities attended conversational English classes, arts and crafts workshops, and drawing classes. A combination of professional tutors (retired national school teachers) and parent tutors who had particular skills, interests, or talents were willing to share and teach. Tutors taught 2 groups (1.5 hours per group) twice per week. Overall, learners took part in 120 hours of tuition over 40 classes. 

 This initiative provided a pathway to parents from significantly marginalized and isolated communities to make the most of learning opportunities that are responsive to their needs. Furthermore, course work encouraged learners to “take the next step” both in terms of personal development and as a means of strengthening the family and participating in community life.    

Group photo of participants receiving their certificate of completion.

Interesting and instructive lessons, wonderful teacher.”- Participant

This project is the result of a collaboration between Ballyhaunis Family Resource Centre, Scoil Iosa N.S. Ballyhaunis, and MSLETB.

For more information, please contact Thomas Howley, Mayo Sligo and Leitrim Regional Literacy Coordinator at

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