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Neidin Le Cheile

Digital and English literacy courses for senior adults and non-English speakers.

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“I come to learn how to use my phone, I learn English too." Quote from participant

This project provided basic English classes and digital skills courses to non-English speakers and senior adults. Initially, the project aimed to teach people how to use their mobile phones and other devices through one-to-one tutoring. However, since many participants did not speak English, the Kenmare Family Resource Centre (FRC) also provided English classes to meet their unmet literacy needs.  

The project took place between July and December 2023 in Kenmare FRC and, when more space became available, in classrooms in the Adult Education Centre and Pobal Scoil Inbhear Sceine. Digital skills courses took place in Kenmare FRC two days per week for 2 hours a day over 21 weeks. Seven tutors also ran intensive English classes five days per week for six weeks. Overall, 12 learners attended the digital skills course and 81 learners attended English classes.  

Participants were delighted to take part in these courses. Many learners are now attending cooking and arts and crafts classes, while others intend to join a Computer Beginners course in Kenmare’s adult education centre. Moreover, participants report that their confidence has skyrocketed.       


“I can WhatsApp my family now anytime I want.” Quote from participant

This project was the result of a collaboration between Kenmare Family Resource Centre CLG, South Kerry Development Partnership, and KETB.

For more information, please contact Paula Tiller, City of Dublin Regional Literacy Coordinator at

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