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Speak and Spell

English language classes for Ukrainian refugees in Waterford City.

Two participants

"It was a wonderful opportunity to help my fellow citizens in Ireland – to show them what they needed in their lives. It is also important for me to feel useful and doing positive things.” Quote from tutor

This project provided English language and English language-based IT tutoring for Ukrainian refugees in International Protection (IP) hostels. Tutors also delivered one-to-one sessions for anyone who needed it.

The project took place in IP hostels in Merchants Quay and Barely Field between September and November 2023. 29 Ukrainian refugees asked for IT-related advice and 22 completed in-person activities or over the phone. Tutors were Ukrainian refugees just like their students.

Participants learnt basic English language skills, like spelling and putting sentences together, while using tablets. The IT course also allowed learners to master the English alphabet, which is very different from the Ukrainian alphabet. Tutors developed training material that helped learners come to grips with the English keyboard.

Group participants working together on their task.

“This was good for me – I now have my own e-mail address and I can send information and messages to my children and family in Germany and Ukraine.” Quote from participant

This project was the result of a collaboration between Enhance and Waterford City Council. 

For more information, please contact Edel Finan, Water and Wexford Regional Literacy Coordinator at

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