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TechKnow: Digital skills @ your library

One-to-one digital skills sessions for the general public.

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"After the one-to-one session I feel more confident in using my phone. I’m not afraid to use it now. I feel the one-to-one sessions are very helpful. If there were other people here, I would feel like I was butting in over them to ask questions. I find it great." Quote from participant

This project offered one-to-one digital skill sessions to the public, with the aim of increasing their digital literacy skills and giving people the confidence to develop their skills further through other library and ETB digital courses. One-to-one sessions were supplemented with small group classes focusing on functional digital literacy, such as safe shopping online, cybersecurity, and parental controls on digital devices.  

The project took place in library branches throughout County Monaghan. Sessions ran from September to December 2023 and were available in Monaghan, Castleblayney, Carrickmacross, Clones, and Ballybay. 134 participants got help with digital skills deficits and learnt how to perform tasks like emailing, online shopping, banking, accessing government services, and using digital resources for hobbies or interests.  

One to one sessions offered personalised pacing. Senior participants often had to learn at a slower pace, and one-on-one tutoring allowed the tutor to tailor lessons to match the individual's speed of learning. This slower, personalised learning opportunity allowed learners to ask questions about specific unmet digital literacy needs, rather than participating in a class with generic objectives.  

Participants now feel more comfortable and confident using digital tools and are equipped with the skills to continue learning and adapting to new technologies independently. The project also attracted new people to their local public library and has created an awareness that the library is a resource they can avail of at anytime for further learning and development.  

"It has really made a difference. Nothing on the screen phases me, as it once did." Quote from participant

This project was the result of a collaboration between Monaghan County Libraries and CMETB.

For more information, please contact Ceinwen Fergus, Cavan and Monoghan Regional Literacy Coordinator at 

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