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Work Ready Programmes

Developing modules for Down Syndrome Ireland members and other students.

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“Well, where do I begin? I really enjoyed working with my friends, we got the chance to pick out the workbook we liked and to vote on the best one. We looked at the colours, the shapes and the size of the print. They were all important and we wanted the Work Ready workbook to be the best. Eric, Student Focus Group I have a job and I know they are all very important.” Quote from participant

This project developed a set of modules that will be made available to members of Down Syndrome Ireland, students with learning disabilities, and neurodiverse learners. Course materials will then be available to all branches of Down syndrome Ireland, ETBs nationwide, and other services who work with students with learning disabilities. 

The project took place in Barry Road, Finglas between September and December 2023. Module content covered work in cafés and restaurants, retail, hotels, hairdressers and barbers, and office work. Five employers partnered with the project team to develop the modules. Furthermore, a large network of education and service providers informed the project development journey with insights on their experience with the needs and requirements of potential students. A focus group comprised of 9 students with a learning disability informed the development of content, design, and delivery of course materials. 

This project culminated in the production of a Tutor Programme Guide and 5 student workbooks. Each workbook dealt with work areas covered in the modules. The project also created a Work Ready website, which is currently in development. Finally, a photographic log captured the project journey. It provides a visual representation of people with learning disabilities engaging and participating in the project development and working in the organisations. 

“It was great to see everyone giving their ideas and suggestions on how the Work Ready Workbooks should look and be laid out. Giving the students a voice for other students is so important. We were all learning and enjoying it and that is very important too.” Quote from participant

This project was the result of a collaboration between Down Syndrome Ireland and CDETB. 

For more information please contact Andrew Connolly, City of Dublin Regional Literacy Coordinator at  

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