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Your Voice, Your Vote: Voter Education & Active Citizenship

Developing teaching and learning methodologies for voter education.

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"The key learning for me was learning about the importance of voting, my rights and how to make positive change." Quote from participant

This project updated a voter education programme that was originally delivered by the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice and has recently been formally handed over to Dublin Adult Learning Centre. Significant updates included the development of teaching and learning methodologies for voter education, the development, design, and printing of a core facilitation pack, more training for adult literacy and community education tutors currently working in City of Dublin ETB, and delivering pilot programmes to adult learners and community education groups in various areas in the City of Dublin. 

 A total of 16 tutors attended the training programme and received a teaching and learning resource, as well as access to new digital resources. 40 copies of the teaching and learning resource were printed and made available for tutors. Furthermore, tutors trained in the Dublin Adult Learning Centre, while pilot programmes were delivered to approximately 56 learners in 5 Adult Education Service areas. The project culminated in a Voters Voices conference, which was attended by over 80 people and raised awareness about the voter education programme. 

The project was hugely successful in that it reached many students and groups. The pilot programme enabled those with unmet literacy needs to participate fully in society and to appreciate one of the most essential aspects of being a citizen - exercising the right to vote.  

“I learned so much on this training from my peers sharing their teaching strategies. It also gave me an opportunity to drill deeper into the voting system and the importance of encouraging all students to vote and have their say in society. The topic is so vast and open to open to many varying opinions. I'm sure the first time I teach this course would be challenging but a learning experience none the less not only for my students but for myself as well. Thank you to the two ladies who did the training they explained things really well and made me feel at ease for the beginning even though I had never met them before. I enjoyed meeting different tutors from other centres and hearing out their teaching experience.” Quote from participant

This project is the result of a collaboration between CDETB and Dublin Adult Learning Centre.  

For more information, please contact Andrew Connolly, City of Dublin Regional Literacy Coordinator at  

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